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    CBD and Professional Sports – An Ideal Alternative to Opioids

    CBD and Professional Sports – An Ideal Alternative to OpioidsCBD and Professional Sports – An Ideal Alternative to Opioids

    In a previous blog, we talked about how  CBD helps relieve chronic pain and inflammation, which is a far better alternative than addictive opioids. Furthermore, since it does not provide the psychoactive effects found in its cannabis-brethren THC, CBD is becoming a major source for healing amongst professional and amateur athletes.

    CBD Legal in UFC as of 2018

    Personal opinions aside, if your occupation involved getting beat up for a living, would you want a supplement that, as stated in  this Oxford Academic study, “in comparison with placebo, the cannabis-based medicine (CBM) produced statistically significant improvements in pain on movement, pain at rest, and quality of sleep, [with] no adverse effect-related withdrawals or serious adverse effects in the active treatment group.”

    In a September 2017  press conference, UFC championship contender Nate Diaz was seen smoking a CBD vape pen. When asked what he was thinking since he could have been suspended, Diaz replied, “It helps with the healing process and inflammation and stuff like that. You want to get this for before or after the fight, in training, to make your life a better place.” He was never tested positive “in-competition,” further noting the minimal traces of THC in typical CBD products.

    But that was 2017. As of January 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency who governs drug testing in sporting leagues ranging anywhere from the UFC to the Olympics,  issued the statement that, “Cannabidiol is no longer prohibited,” but further clarified that THC is still prohibited – the good thing is ThreeSixtyCBD products contain less than .5% THC!

    Legalizing CBD in the UFC is a major step forward in the demonstration for the efficacy of medicinal marijuana as a pain reliever.

    NFL and NBA athletes add to the debate

    Marijuana in the NFL has been a highly publicized debate in recent years, just ask Ricky Williams:

    But from the player’s point of view, is it really just about “recreational” use?

    In a recent study on drug abuse amongst professional athletes, 99% of former NFL players tested positive for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a disease found in many athletes with multiple concussions and traumatic brain injuries and is often treated with addictive painkillers.

    Former Tennessee Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan told CBS News, “For me, it was the neuroprotectant qualities of it. It’s not about getting stoned. It’s not about, you know, guys getting high and abusing it. It’s about the medicine behind it.”

    Which is what makes the announcement that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has offered to work in tandem with the NFL Players Association to study the potential use of marijuana as a pain management tool for players.

    As for the NBA, former Denver Nugget Al Harrington, who was even quoted in an interview to NBA.com saying, “I was one of those guys who grew up thinking if you smoked weed you had no future,” started rubbing CBD creams on his knees where the majority of his inflammation occurred. The article went on to state, “[The creams and drops] didn’t bring the high that smoking marijuana delivers. But it brought Harrington relief. He says that after using anti-inflammatory pills for seven and a half years, he hasn’t had to use one since. And it opened his eyes to the possibilities that medical marijuana could bring to people in pain.”