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    Top 7 Natural Ways to Treat Anxiety and Stress

    Top 7 Natural Ways to Treat Anxiety and Stress

    Anxiety is a common mental health problem affecting millions of people every year. Stress is often a component of that anxiety. Although there are prescription medications to treat anxiety, there are also many nondrug treatments that are safe and effective. Using natural remedies will help to improve your emotional state, and should be your first step for lowing stress and anxiety levels.


    1. Yoga Breathing

    Focusing on your breath is a classic yoga breathing exercise. Because you can’t be anxious at the same time you are taking deep breaths, this technique is immediately relaxing. Deep breathing is easy to do and very effecting for reducing stress and anxiety. Sit in a comfortable and quiet place and close your eyes. Exhale completely through your mouth. Then inhale through your nose for a count of four. Hold your breath for a count of seven. Then exhale slowly through your mouth for a count of eight. Repeat this breathing exercise a few times until you feel calm.  


    2. CBD Oil

    CBD oil is growing in popularity as a nutritional supplement. Many scientific studies show its effectiveness in treating a host of conditions including anxiety and stress. CBD (or cannabidiol) is a component of hemp that has medicinal benefits. Although it’s derived from the cannabis plant, there is no THC so it’s legal and safe to use.  CBD oil comes in various flavors such as mint, vanilla and strawberry, and is easy to take. It comes in a small bottle with a dropper.  You place several drops under your tongue, and hold it for a minute to be absorbed before swallowing.  For extremely pure CBD oil check out ThreeSixtyCBD


    3. A Walk in the Woods

    Taking a walk is a form of aerobic that releases e endorphins and makes you feel better. Although a walk around the city helps with stress, it’s more beneficial if you walk in nature. Research reveals that a person has lower stress hormones after walking in a forest than after a walk in an urban area. The fresh air, sunshine, woodsy smells, sounds of birds and babbling streams, and majestic views all contribute to reducing anxiety and creating a sense of calm. A 20 minute walk is all it takes.


    4. Herbal Remedies

    There are many herbs that offer psychological benefits and help to relax a person’s anxious mind. Drinking chamomile tea a few times a day has a relaxing effect on the mind and body. Lavender oil is another popular herb for treating stress. You can place a few drops in a cup of boiling water and inhale the aroma, or you can apply a few drops to your wrist or collarbone and allow the aroma to soothe you.  Other than tea and oils.


    5. Mindfull Meditation

    Mindful meditation has been used for centuries by Buddhists, and is now a mainstream meditative technique. This meditation is done by paying attention to each moment. By focusing on and experiencing what is really happening around you – your breath, the sound of traffic in the distance, the hum of a refrigerator - you won’t think about the worries and fears that cause anxiety and stress. A daily meditation practice of at least 10 minutes in which you are mindfully aware of the present will reduce the stress stemming from thoughts about possible future events.


    6. A Hot Bath

    A soothing hot soak is always a great way to relax. If you add a few drops of lavender oil you can turn it into a spa experience. Also adding Epsom salts will increase the calming effect of the bath and lower anxiety. The hot water also raises your body’s temperature to improve your overall mood. The hot water also relieves muscle tension which can lead to stress. This warmth may explain why exercising, drinking hot tea, sitting in a sauna and sunbathing all help to improve your outlook and well-being.


    7. Nutritious Foods

    Sometimes people feel stressed out and anxious because they are hungry. It’s important to eat breakfast if you suffer from chronic or temporary anxiety. You can also have a snack in the middle of the day such as dark chocolate or walnuts. Any food that has the essential nutrient choline, such as eggs, will help to lower anxiety. Studies show that a deficiency in choline can result in higher levels of anxiety.  


    By using one or more natural remedies, you can reduce your anxiety and stress and feel more emotionally balanced. Anxiety and stress don’t have to be a major part of your life.